Free Training For Anyone Who Works With Children And Young People

2 March 2022

Halton's Health Improvement Team have a variety of training available for those who work/ volunteer with children and young people.


Children and Young People’s Mental Health Awareness Training

1 ½ Hours

This training will provide you with an understanding of what Mental Health is and will look at conditions that can impact on children and young people’s mental health. The training also provides resources that promote positive mental health through building resilience and wellbeing.


26th April -15:30-17:00

10th May 15:30-17:00


Self-Harm Training

1 ½ Hours

This training will provided you with an understanding of self-harm including why young people self-harm, risk factors to look out for and tips for talking about self-harm and support available.


7th March 15:30-17:00

3rd May 15:30-17:00

23rd May 15:30-17:00


Resilience Framework Workshop

45 minutes

This workshop will look at different ways we can support a young person to be more resilient. It will cover examples of how teaching staff have used the ‘Boing Boing’ framework and will highlight practical tools and approaches that can be used to contribute to building resilience with children when times are especially tough.


21st March 15:30-16:15

20th April -15:30-16:15 on Teams

18th May- 15:30-16:15


To book on please email