Queen’s Green Canopy Project

15 March 2022

Message from John Roberts the Queen’s Green Canopy Project Lead at The Merseyside Lieutenancy 

As the person asked by the Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside to lead the response of the county to the Queen’s Green Canopy Project I want to congratulate and extend grateful thanks to all those people and organisations who have been planting trees in support of this wonderful initiative.

The Queen’s Green Canopy Project or QGC for short is part of the celebration taking place this year to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee….70 years as our monarch. Its aims are to recognise and celebrate the fact that Her Majesty has been our sovereign for 70 years, to thank Her Majesty for this remarkable period of public service and through the planting of trees to create a lasting legacy of Her long reign which will benefit the environment greatly in the future.

Tree planting is something that appeals greatly to the Queen. Over the years She has personally planted over 1500 trees all over the world.  It is something dear to her heart.

The Queen’s Green Canopy website www.queensgreencanopy.org has an abundance of information about the project. Accessible on this site is an electronic map of the United Kingdom. Every individual and every organisation that plants a tree or trees is strongly urged to register the planting on this map together with a photograph. At the end of this year the map will be a record of the many many tree plantings that will by then have taken place throughout the United Kingdom and is to be presented to Her Majesty. The ability to register on the map will be suspended between the end of March and the beginning of October, the period when planting is not recommended. There is also information about the ordering of commemorative plaques.

So if you have not done so already please get planting!! “Plant a tree for the jubilee” is the official rallying cry I have presumed to coin a second one which is “once your trees have planted been on the map they must be seen” to emphasise the critical importance of registration.