Hate Crime 3rd Party Reporting Centre

St Helens Council works closely with a number of partners, including Merseyside Police, to tackle hate crime in the borough.

Unfortunately it is widely accepted that hate crimes are under reported, which means that some of the people in our communities who are being made to feel vulnerable or unsafe, are suffering in silence.

This maybe due to some victims not feeling comfortable with reporting their experiences directly to the police for reasons such as:-

  • Lack of awareness of ways to report hate crime
  • Victims find visiting police stations intimidating or daunting
  • Victims believe the police won’t believe them or take them seriously
  • Individuals are unaware they are victims of hate crimes
  • Lack of support to help victims make a report, e.g. interpreters
  • Victims fear being outed in terms of their sexuality or disability

One of the strategies for overcoming this barrier is to establish a Third Party Reporting Centre in your workplace.

Third Party Reporting Centres provide our residents with an alternative to directly reporting to the police, without which a number of hate incidents and crimes would never be reported or recorded.

You are invited to attend training with Constable Al Russo, Hate Crime Co-ordinator for Merseyside Police. Constable Russo has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with hate crimes and incidents in Knowsley and St Helens.

This training aims to provide a simple step by step process guide in order to help you and your team to become of the many 3rd party reporting centres based in St Helens Borough.

The training will be hosted in Room 10 on Tuesday 18th June @ 2:30pm, and should last no longer than 1 hr 30 minutes.

To book your place on the training please contact Layla Davies on Tel: 0174467(6880) Mobile: 07841535140

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