Carers Strategy Group update

Carers Strategy Group meeting

Sue Wallace-Bonner chaired a multi-agency “Carers Strategy” meeting on 23rd July 2018.  As well as officers from the public sector, in attendance were representatives from numerous voluntary sector groups (including Halton Carers Centre, Age UK Mid Mersey, Citizens Advice Halton, British Red Cross, Alzheimers Society).  The primary purpose of this forum is to look at refreshing the current 2016-19 Carers Strategy and see what progress has been made against the current 4 priority outcomes:

  • Supported to stay mentally and physically well (Outcome 1)
  • Supported to have a life of their own alongside caring (Outcome 2)
  • Recognised as expert partners, and will be supported in their caring role by integrated and personalised services (Outcome 3)
  • Provided with accessible advice and information that will assist them in making informed choices regarding their caring roles (Outcome 4)

Key points from the meeting for the wider “voluntary and community sector” to note and start preparing for include:

  • Need to develop more integrated working and link up services so that carers “don’t fall through the net”
  • How we can better support the employment and financial wellbeing of carers
  • How we can better support young carers (we discussed the challenged young carers aged 16-25 faced when transitioning from being a young carer to being an adult carer
  • Getting a better understanding of how funding for support services for carers is allocated and what impact it has

In you need more information please contact:

Carl Harris - Halton Carers Centre (tel: 01928 580 182)

Hitesh Patel – Citizens Advice Halton & trustee of Halton & St Helens VCA (tel: 0151 257 2443)

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