Appeal from the Alzheimers Society

Please give urgently today to help the Alzheimers Society reach isolated and vulnerable people with dementia during this crisis.

Under Government advice, men and women in the UK over 70 – that’s around 700,000 people with dementia – will be asked to stay at home for an extensive period of time. People will be completely cut off from their families, their communities and the networks they rely on. People who live alone may be cut off from social contact completely.  This unprecedented situation demands that they act decisively and rethink how they reach the most vulnerable people who have relied on our face to face services, and your support today will mean that they can do exactly that.

They are currently in the process of establishing a completely new service – ‘companion calls’. This will involve teams of volunteers proactively telephoning vulnerable people with dementia to chat, check on their wellbeing and, if necessary, refer them to other services like Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Connect Support Line. With your help they will put a virtual arm around the shoulders of people with dementia and let them know they are not alone.

I’m sure you understand the urgent need to get this service up and running. They are, however, facing a significant financial deficit as a result of both COVID-19 and a massive drop in income because of the cancellation or postponing of so many fundraising events.  They are extremely grateful for all your support, which shows you care deeply about helping people with dementia. That’s why they are turning to you during this critical time.

Please will you give £50, or what you can, to help train volunteers and pay for the equipment to set up ‘companion calls’ – so that people with dementia won’t have to face this crisis alone.

They estimate the cost of training one volunteer will be around £50, and when you consider they would like to reach up to 10,000 people every week, while still maintaining most of their existing services, they hope you will understand the urgency of their request.  They know the health and wellbeing of your own loved ones will quite rightly be your top priority at this time, but if you are in a position to give today it will help them reach more people with dementia.

They are determined Alzheimer’s Society will be here for you all.

‘Companion calls’ will be a change in how they help people with dementia, and it is absolutely vital that they are up and running immediately.

So they hope you will support this urgent appeal and give £50, or what you can, today.

Please check their website regularly for the latest updates and for guidance should any of the changes to their services affect you or your loved ones.

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