Small Charities Week 15th - 20th June 2020 Round Up

Small Charities Week 15th - 20th June 2020 Round Up 

Day 1            I Love Small Charities

Small charities are amazing! About 97% of all charities are small. We know they matter and we want everyone to know how much they matter too! Using the hashtag #smallcharitiesweek #welovesmallcharities tell us about your favourite local small charity and why you love them.


Day 2            Big Advice Day 

If you are a small charity it’s important you get access to the right support and advice. If you’re in Halton or St Helens you can start with us at Halton & St Helens VCA. Our website is a great place to start for information and advice and the right person to contact whether that’s Jane Williams our Community Accountant or Lynne Daffern for information on how to get on our mailing lists  It's important you know about the Charity Commission and the regulation for charities  

There’s lots of other resources too that can offer information and advice in your journey as a small charity. Here’s a few:


Day 3            I Love Small Charities

Every day small charities make a huge difference across Halton & St Helens. Their work during the Covid-19 crisis has been obvious to many more people. We wanted to share with you the impact that small charities have had in Halton & St Helens over the last 12 weeks click here for report.


Day 4            Fundraising Day 

Merseyside Funding Information Portal is funded and supported by the CVS network across the Liverpool City Region. Led by Sefton CVS we use it to provide information and resources about funding for local small charities. We are also working with St Helens Borough Council and Halton Council to think of new ways for local groups and projects to raise funds through #sthelenstogether spacehive and the Halton Foundation


Day 5            Charities Big Impact Day 

 IMPACT!!  Small does not mean amateur or insignificant, in fact here is the impact that small charities have had during the current crisis.  Click here to see the results.


Day 6            Appreciation Day 

Annie Lawrenson shares her thoughts on Leadership and shares her appreciation for a few people she feels shows these qualities,

click here to read the full article. 



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